37. Fortune telling

Everybody likes to hear something good about the future. Some people believe that fortune telling is a science and many predictions by trained fortune teller come true as it is. For even small things, some people consult fortune tellers. Astrologers tell our past correctly and create an impression that they can tell our future also in the same way.

In India the hindus consult pandits and decide only if those fortune tellers say “yes” to the marriage. Nowadays, since love marriages are becoming popular and the parents are accepting love marriages, the role of astrologers is diminishing. On other hand, some people started believing astrologers and fortune tellers immensely. Some fortune tellers say that they have got special powers to read the future of a person by face reading or seeing the horoscope.

Parrot astrology is common in India. The parrot comes out from the cage and takes one card from many. Whatever picture comes at that time will decide the future of the person. In villages, people believe such things easily. Some yogis do lot of pujas and just something which may be correct. Immediately all the people will rush to the yogi to know their future. Naadi jothidam is also becoming popular in tamil Nadu.

Palmistry is usual way of telling the fortune on seeing the palm of a person. Various lines and bumps in the palm help the palmist to make interpretation. The right hand is seen for men and the left hand for women. Some people say that the right hand shows the future and the left hand shows the past.

Some people won’t believe in fortune telling and they are ready to accept whatever comes. There is no harm in knowing about the future. We should believe ourselves and work hard to come up in life. Fortune telling may or may not help us to build our future. The over belief will spoil everything.

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