33. Ventriloquism

The children enjoy puppet show. The message they get captures the mind quickly. The stagecraft of ventriloquism is an advanced version of puppet show. Here, in the stage a person keeps one or more puppets in the hand make the audience believe that the voice is coming from the puppet.

It is a brilliant way of communicating good things to the society. In dasavatharam tamil movie we have seen the story of God is well communicated to the crown through such mechanism similar to ventriliquism. The ventriloquist should be capable of opening the lips very slightly to make different sounds and the audience should believe that he is silent and only the puppets are speaking. Ventriloquism is an art and it requires much patience to learn the art.

Recently, I have read in a newspaper that in some Indian schools, the ventriloquists take classes and the students don’t want to miss the class. He teaches the lessons through this and the students enjoy the lecture through puppets. It creates an interest for studying the lessons. If the lessons are taught with some humour, it is liked by children. The mythological stories about God are spread through ventriloquism in India. The youngsters show much interest in learning this art.

The ventriloquist get applause and the laughter and enjoyment of the audience make him happy. He also loves this entertainment and get energy to make more lively shows. The tricks and fun the ventriloquist shows in his speech, bring more audience. Many schools invite ventriloquists to conduct shows and entertain their children. Nowadays, the children spend most of their time on watching TV shows and on mobile, which make them dull. To make them fresh, this vetriloquism will be more helpful.

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