34. Street cricket

street cricket

Now we are watching cricket match on TV and internet. Previously the commentary on radio was a real entertainment for cricket lovers. At that time many people won’t get the chance to see the match live. The street cricket they play and see was helpful in fulfilling the thirst.

All the big players now have started their play by playing in street matches in the beginning. We see many poor children who are having the thirst to come up as a world level player spend their time in playing cricket in the streets. All are not getting the chance or sponsor to become a big player.

The rules in street cricket are relaxed. They play with any ball they get. The bat and pad are considered as luxury. The team won’t have 11 players and the over may not contain 6 runs. But, the interest the players show are really enjoyable. The substitutes may also come at any time. many players in the team may not be knowing what a cricket match is. Some people may become commentator and keeping a paper roll near the mouth, they imitate radio commentators.

The liveliness and entertainment we got is more than watching matches through TV. Now we sit throughout the day before TV to watch cricket matches. But, are we getting the real pleasure we get through street cricket. On a train journey our eyes will get a feast on seeing a street cricket for few seconds. We may not see the fate of the ball but the pleasure we get on seeing it is incomparable. In India all the young boys get inspiration to play street cricket atleast for some years, in school days. Even the young kid play street cricket just by striking the ball of his elder brother once or twice. We have to encourage the children who play and make them feel happy by watching their match.

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