29. Plus two fever

We admit that plus two marks are the deciding factors for future studies and settlement in life. In Tamilnadu, the pressure on plus two children are much more compared to other state children. In plus one itself the children are compelled to study plus two portion. In many houses, the cable connection is cut and TV is turned backside against the wall for full two years or kept in the laft.

The working women take leave for months together and sit near the child all the time. The time table for two years is full of studies, tuition, test and exams. The children in plus two get very little time for sleep and do the routine work. Playing Games or watching match in TV is considered to be a sin. Well, all the parents want that their child should get 99.99%. The children are not machines to cope up with the dreams of parents.

Those who got very good marks in plus two may fail to get many good things in life. There are plenty of courses other than MBBS and BE. The children and parents may consider them. OK, what should be done for getting a decent mark in plus two. First allot 6 to 7 hours of sleep and put schedule for all the subjects. The reading and writing exams should be taken seriously. While doing revision, time may be allotted for correcting mistakes.

Little time may be allotted for sports and other entertainments. No harm in it. The unnecessary tension at the time of preparation as well as while writing the exam should totally be avoided. Thorough study of answers for the previous 5 years question papers will help the children to get good marks. When all the children prefer to go to tuition we may ask our children whether they indeed require it. If they say “no”, we can simply leave them.

Just give nutritious food and watch whether they concentrate on study. Sitting all the time with the children and giving directions towards study will spoil their mood. Just leave them free and relaxed. Let us make plus two fever light.

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