30. Home garden


For everybody, the most convenient place to stay is his home only. The house may be made up of bricks and cement. But, a home is made up of many little lovely things. One such hing is home garden. Our house may be very small. we can make it sweet by keeping some plants before or backside of the house.

If there is no space for keeping pucca garden we can keep some plants in pots. The greenary near the house will be a feast to our eyes. If there is enough space, try to put a kitchen garden. The vegetables we get through plants in our garden, will make us happy, apart from saving money. The flowers give a new beauty to our house and they are useful for doing puja at home. Daily if we spend some time in our garden, we get more energy.

If our mood is out, we can go to the garden to change the mood and return with positive thoughts. So, home garden is a part of our home. we should give practice to all our family members to get involvement and do some work in the home garden for improvement. Watering plants is a good exerfise to our mind and body. Your life will be complete only if you have a library and a garden at home.

The growth of plants and the new buds & flowers will give us immense pleasure. We learn patience and carefulness from the plants in our garden. The guests will definitely appreciate our home garden, if the plants are neat and healthy. We should create love of gardening. It is not just work. It is a hobby as we get happiness from it. The persons who possess home garden are blessed by God, as they get the chance to mee the nature daily. We can do all experiments in the garden without doing a mistake. So, I wish all to have a home garden.

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