28. House keeping

Everybody dreams of living in a beautiful big house with all facilities. If we work hard and save money, it may be possible for building our dream house. Since home loans are available easily, many people step forward to fulfill their dream of building the house. Those who live in rented house also want to keep it beautiful(atleast when the guests come).

Before making the house beautiful, we have keep it clean. It is not an easy thing to keep the house neat always. Nowadays servants are not available for household works in India, as before. They demand much more and their work is also not satisfactory. When we watch, they do the work properly. If we are busy, they will skip doing some works, which makes our house ugly, even after cleaning.

Some people challenge that they are ready to do the house cleaning by themselves. If they become sick or busy, everything will come to a standstill position. My suggestion is that we can engage servants for some works on routine basis, which we cannot attend on daily basis. In addition, we have to do daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning by preparing schedules and following them strictly. Then only, the house will look clean at all times.

In India, many times guests will come to the house, without giving proper intimation. So, it is essential to keep clean everything at all times. House keeping includes not only cleaning but also cooking, doing shopping to keep essential things ready for use, payment of all bills due and house maintenance. The house keeping also includes gardening, cleaning the surroundings, dishwashing, floor cleaning and dusting all the furnitures.

Indian ladies now ladies started objecting that the housewives have got no work other than house keeping. House keeping here includes bringing up the children and taking care of elders at home. The Indian men gradually start realising that they also give a hand to women in housekeeping. It is really a welcoming change.

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