26. Rose


There are thousands of flowers in this world. We get good mood on seeing the flowers. Some flowers come to our mind very closely. Many people in the world love roses. Roses come in different colours. Rose is the queen of flowers. The beauty and fragrance of roses are incomparable. Every woman will feel happy if compared to roses.

We should appreciate that roses are there in between thorns. If any person gets a chance to walk into a rose garden, definitely, his joy will be multiplied. The life will become more sweet if we have a rose plant in our house. Even if we keep a rose for few seconds in the hand, the fragrance will last for atleast one hour in the hand.

The rose petals are very soft like the cheeks of a new born child. rose is the symbol of love. Any misunderstanding between two person will come to an end, if approached with a rose. Giving roses are worthy gift to any person. Rose is considered as a royal flower. The dignity of a person will increase if he has a rose plant. For every occasion of celebration or mourning, rose finds a place. To cool a person, simply give a rose. All the poets are tempted to write a poem about roses. We should live like rose as we are liked by all.

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