25. Reading habit

In our school and college days, we spend a lot of time in reading books of various topics. the knowledge about many things we learnt at young age, is green in memory still. Now, the youngsters spend most of the time before TV or mobile. The treasure about the past is left unnoticed by them. The stories and novels take us to a different world and we get involved with the characters in them. Some people express feelings like shedding tears, laughing louder or hugging others on reading wonderful books.

First we should understand that by reading a book, we are doing something good for us. It changes us if we are in dull mood. The books become our best friends as we can read the books as and when we like. We should allot some time daily to read books. We can purchase some books and go the library to read more. While going out, it is good practice to carry a book. We may not know when will we get leisure time.

Reading is a good time pass. At times, we may have to stay alone. The books are our good companions. When we hear about good books, it is worth to purchase and read immediately. I am having the habit of collecting good books as I wish to read them again and again. The surrounding should also be good for reading book. So, move to a quiet place carrying the book. We should not do multitasking while reading a book. We should concentrate fully while reading. It is better to keep record of good books we have read already and yet to read. We should accustom children to get the habit of reading.

Our prestige won’t come down when we purchase and read old books. The content won’t change anyhow. Don’t always read serious type of books. In between get a chance to read funny books. A good book is a good teacher. We get advice, pleasure and salvage to some problems in books. So create the habit of reading immediately.

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