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44. Organ donation

Many lives can be saved by the noble act of organ donation. When a person dies, his organs can be used for others, who are in need. This is called organ donation. Those who have got good physical condition can become an organ donor. Mainly the organs like heart, kidney, liver, intestines, lungs and pancreas can be donated if the condition of the patient is critical and chances for recovering him is meagre. This condition is called “brain death”.

When a person dies naturally, his tissues like heart valves, corneas, bones and skin can be donated. Many people suffer when the organs stop functioning or weak in functioning. We can give new life by donating organs. Many people of deceased family may not be willing to donate the organs of the loved ones. But, if they think that it will save the life of many people, they will come forward for organ donation of the deceased person.

So, every person should think it as a duty by coming forward to sign up for organ donation. We don’t know what will happen in future. Now, awareness  has come slowly among common people also regarding organ donation. If we think about people who die waiting for organ tranasplant, we will definitely support organ donation.

43. Legend M.S. Subbulakshmi


The queen of music is M.S. Subbulakshmi, popularly known as M.S. Nobody can find fault in her singing. The name itself shows “lakshmi kadaksham”. The bharatha ratna award has been given for her wonderful music. The carnatic vocalists have taken her as “manaseega guru”.

From her childhood, spent her time in learning carnatic music. She has learnt hindusthani classical music also. She has acted in some tamil movies also. Nobody can forget her role as meerabai in the film “meera”. Pandit jawaharlal nehru called her as “Queen of music”. many of us here her voice in devotional music such as “Bhaja Govindam”, “Vishnu Sahasranamam” and “Venkatesa Suprabatham”. Even if we hear these songs in other voices, our mind will be convinced only with the voice of M.S.

One interesting news about her I want to share. The famous kancheepuram saree has been named as “M.S. Blue” after her.  She has lived as a role model to many people. She lived a simple life and moved with common people easily when she was in a high position. She sang many songs at the time of our Independence. Her music techniques are highly appreciated by critics. We feel proud that the legend was born in our country.

42. Influenza

The human beings are getting new types of severe diseases every now and then. Once such disease called influenza makes everybody to get frighten. It is in infectious disease caused by influenza virus. Some people may get tired often. the body pain, cough, fever, throat pain, headache, vomiting sensation and muscle pain are the other symptoms. There will be pain felt throughout the whole body.

When the persons having influenza sneezes or coughs, the virus will spread in the air and start affecting others in the surrounding area. That is why it has been advised to wash hands with soap or cleaning liquid before touching anything. Vaccination and anti virus drugs are helpful to cure this disease. If left unattended, death is unavoidable.

The flu or influenza  causes viral infection and attacks the respiratory system severely. The Government  is taking steps to create an awareness among public regarding influenza and advising them to take preventive measure. Those who have got symptoms are advised to take immediate medical treatment. Since it is contagious, the affected people should be very careful in preventing from spreading the disease to others.

As per the report of world health organisation, every year 5 to 15 percent of the world population is being affected by influenza and  many deaths occur due to carelessness. So, everybody should be cautious in preventing influenza.

41. Tirupati Venkatachalapathi


All the hindus might have gone to Tirupati atleast once to have the darshan of Lord Venkatachalapathi. Those who have not visited already will like to visit in future.

The pilgrimage city tirupati is localted in chittoor district of Andra Pradesh.  We cannot visit the temple as and when we like and have the darshan. Lakhs and lakhs of people are visiting the temple daily. We have to book in advance the darshan tickets and wait in queue for at least some hours to see him. Just to have darshan for few seconds, people are travelling hours together. Nobody minds in spending time or money to have his darshan.

It is believed that Lord Venkateshwara, popularly known as Lord Balaji will permit anybody to see him only if he wishes. Otherwise, the person won’t get his darshan, even after reaching Tirupati. Many sevas and utsavs are held regularly and the devotees are taking part in everything very enthusiastically. Lakhs and lakhs of money is deposited in the Hundi. Gold and silver coins and jewelleries are also offered to God by devotees. Lord Srinivasa fulfil the wishes of everybody.

Tirupati is known as temple of seven hills. The seven sacred hills are Seshadri, Vedadri, Garudadri, Anjadri, vrishabadri, Narayanandri and Venkatadri. Lord Venkatachalapathy gives his darshan sitting in the hill Venkatadri. We have to travel through 7 hills to see him. Those who have got specific wishes, will pray and visit the temple.The Lord Srinivasa hears the prayer of all devotees. Please make a visit to Tirupati.

40. Photo

In olden days, photos will be taken only on important occasions like marriage. Only professional photographers will have camera and the common people even afraid of touching it. All the families will have some black and white photos of ancestors. The childhood photos will carry sweet memories.

The photo taken on the last annual day at school and college will have special effect on students. The photo taking is celebrated as an event. Now, gradually, the importance has gone, as everybody has a camera at home. Not only that, the cell phones come with a camera and “click, click” sound or a flash are seen everywhere. The photos are are taken at the time of eating, sleeping, chatting, walking and doing anything.

Nowadays, the art of photography has become a business and a decent profession. Many people take courses on photography to know the techniques. The photography contests are being held on many topics worldwide. Many people love to take selfie nowadays. The digital camera or a cell phone is used to take selfie. Selfie is a self photograph or portrait. the youngsters send various types of selfies in social networking services such as facebook and twitter.

Whatever it is, we have to store rare and pleasant moments in life to the next generation people through photos. The photos taken during space travel are most valuable for further research. The photo is the first impression about a person. So, don’t forget to smile.

39. Window shopping

Window shopping is an preliminary experience before doing the actual shopping. We may have plan to buy something. The purpose of window shopping without spending the money, knowing about a thing. We can just go through texture, quality, price and other details of the item by just visiting the shops having the item but not buying it.

Some people visit shops with the plan to do window shopping. Some others, having come to the shop to purchase some other item, see other items also and get details, to make purchase later on. Some others, to kill time, do window shopping. Nowadays, the youngsters go to a mall and spend hours in making a research of new arrivals. They may or maynot buy those items afterwards.

The people who have got the fear of buying everything at once they see, won’t take money or credit card while doing window shopping. Some people visit all the shops and prepare a comparison note first. They check the price online also and finally decide to buy. Some shop owners stand outside the shop and invite the customers to come inside and get a view of items in the shop. They know very well that some people may be tempted to make some purchase and some others may come again to make purchase after doing window shopping.

The window shopping will be interesting in big cities as there will be number of shops lined up in a row. In rural areas, there will be one or two shops only altogether. So, effective window shopping is possible only if number of shops are more. Some people enjoy their week-ends by doing window shopping.

Normally, the shop owners allow window shopping, as the crowd in the shop is one point in running business. So, the customers will have a belief during actual buying that they are not cheated, as they have verified the cost and quality of the product while doing window shopping. So, window shopping has to be encouraged and followed by all, before buying costly items atleast.

38. Story telling

In olden days, the grandmas of India brought up the kids by telling interesting stories. The children after having dinner will wait eagerly for grandma. Nowadays all the grandmas are struck with TV serials till 10 pm and they themselves are not aware of stories for kids. Story telling has its own value. It is a way of communicating our cultural values to the next generation.

It is an entertainment to the children. The children are educated with the knowledge of rajas, ithihasa and the life of common people at olden and present days. The story teller used to ask question in the middle. So, the children will always be alert to answer. At times, the children ask rheir doubts to the story teller. Some story tellers are very talented. They make the audience to visualise the events in the story by the voice modulation and body gestures.

Previously there was a class called moral section once in a week in schools. In that class, the teacher will tell moral stories to the children. Now since the studies of subjects are becoming voluminous the moral class has to say a good bye to the students. Now, the importance of story telling has been realised by many and the job of story tellers are being recognised.

The art of story telling has to be preserved and passed on to next generation. The children get the habit of listening, thinking and know many things required in normal life. The pattern of story telling has also been modernised. The audios and videos help story tellers for effective communication to the audience. The story tellers have to encourage students to explore their expressiveness and bring out the feelings and emotions.

The media should play a lead role to encourage story telling. The self-confidence and motivation will be developed among students by listening stories. So, let us encourage our children to listen to stories and also help story tellers to do their job more effectively.

37. Fortune telling

Everybody likes to hear something good about the future. Some people believe that fortune telling is a science and many predictions by trained fortune teller come true as it is. For even small things, some people consult fortune tellers. Astrologers tell our past correctly and create an impression that they can tell our future also in the same way.

In India the hindus consult pandits and decide only if those fortune tellers say “yes” to the marriage. Nowadays, since love marriages are becoming popular and the parents are accepting love marriages, the role of astrologers is diminishing. On other hand, some people started believing astrologers and fortune tellers immensely. Some fortune tellers say that they have got special powers to read the future of a person by face reading or seeing the horoscope.

Parrot astrology is common in India. The parrot comes out from the cage and takes one card from many. Whatever picture comes at that time will decide the future of the person. In villages, people believe such things easily. Some yogis do lot of pujas and just something which may be correct. Immediately all the people will rush to the yogi to know their future. Naadi jothidam is also becoming popular in tamil Nadu.

Palmistry is usual way of telling the fortune on seeing the palm of a person. Various lines and bumps in the palm help the palmist to make interpretation. The right hand is seen for men and the left hand for women. Some people say that the right hand shows the future and the left hand shows the past.

Some people won’t believe in fortune telling and they are ready to accept whatever comes. There is no harm in knowing about the future. We should believe ourselves and work hard to come up in life. Fortune telling may or may not help us to build our future. The over belief will spoil everything.

36. Subramania Bharathi

subramania bharathi

All the tamilians love subramania bharathi, popularly known as Bharathiyar for his beautiful and meaningful tamil poems. He has written many poems on various topics such as religion, politics and social evils. His many poems are used in dramas and movies. Since all of them became very popular among common people, even the uneducated people love and sing them. His poems gave lot of energy during independence period.

He took much interest to shine as a journalist. When we read them, our mind will get refreshment. He is the first person to introduce simplicity in writing. No guidance is required for understanding his works. He instructed the children how to live, what to do and what not to do. He wrote many poems on Goddess Kali. Kali is his favourite Goddess and he wrote poems about other Gods such as Ganesha, Muruga, Shiva, Allah and Jesus.

His famous work of “paanchali sabadham” has created positive energy during freedom struggle. He compared “paanchali to bharatha maatha” and wrote wordings in such a way that victory of paanchali is very much essential. His love songs are also liked by all. He is the first person who fought for equal rights for women. His concern is expressed beautifully in many poems. He wrote many poems against caste system prevalent in India. Not only in writings, he followed whatever he wrote. Even though he was suffering with poverty, his writings show richness.

Subramania Bharathi is an all rounder. He had thorough knowledge about everything. His courage, simplicity and boldness are admired and appreciated by all national leaders at that time. All the poets who came after him, got inspiration from him. We have to make time to read his writings.

35. White sugar

Everybody loves the colour and taste of white sugar. The sweets prepared using white sugar have excellent colour. But, is white sugar good for health. White sugar is the crystalised sucrose extracted from sugar cane. the carbohydrate content in white sugar is much more. The white sugar intake continuously may create diseases like diabetes, heart problem, obesity and tooth decay. the nutritionists believe that the refined while sugar gives naked or empty calories only to the body.

The heavy intake of white sugar demands large quantity of minerals to compensate the imbalance produced. the calcium storage in the body will be wiped completely resulting in tooth decay. the functioning of liver will also be affected. The excess of fatty acid will be deposited in the thighs, buttocks, breasts and stomach causing all types of diseases. The most active organs such as heart and kidneys will also be affected finally.

The common people are completely unaware of the danger and use sugar excessively for each and every food. The immune system will also be affected. At last, the the white sugar consumption starts affecting the brain also. In baking recipes we generally use white sugar for taste. Honey, raisin syrup and date syrup can be used as substitutes for white sugar.

The jaggery powder can be used in the place of white sugar.  High nutrition value and freshness are the good qualities in sugarcane and jaggery, compared to white sugar. If possible we try to take less quantity of sugar or avoid sugar, wherever possible. It may be difficult in the beginning. But, if we accustom our body to such tastes, our mind won’t long for sugar. Please maintain health by not taking white sugar.