Archive | January 2015

2. Smile please

While visiting new places I may not be knowing the local language. I used to manage when somebody talks to me in their local language, with a smile. We may be forced to stay in  uncomfortable situation. There is no use in grudging. Simply smile and tolerate. That’s all. While approaching for help, smile should be our first visiting card.

While smiling, our heart and eyes should also smile. Then only, others will respond properly. We can show our care and share through our smile. A child’s smile is the beautiful thing in the life. Let us make it a habit to smile atleast hundred times a day. By smiling, we make others to smile, which keeps the body condition healthy. Miracles may happen by a smile. Our identity should be ” a smiling face”. When somebody approaches us with anger or anxiety, our smile will change their mood. Come on, smile please.

1. Baby’s cry

Hai, unknowingly we come across many sweet nothings in life. The crying baby at the next door might have been disturbing your mood so far. Just think there is some music in that cry. The irritation in your mind will go  and you will definitely walk into the next door to soothe it.  Then, you will get a new friend. How nice.

You can play, laugh and enjoy yourself  more and more. The parents of the baby will become more friendly and invite you for the functions at their home. You can share your feelings with them, if the wavelengths of you and them match. If they are not concerned to recognise your feelings, just exchange few words or say a “hello” when you see them. See how can we change our mood on hearing a baby’s cry. I will come with a new sweet nothing theme tomorrow. Bye.