508. There are no unanswered prayers

We pray to God with or without any requests. Sometimes God fulfills our desires immediately. Sometimes it takes time and we may have to pass through tough situations before achieving it. Sometimes He is working behind the scenes of our trials, yet we can’t see His handiwork, leading us to feel like our prayer has fallen on deaf ears. When we are in the position of waiting for God to act such as to remedy a situation, to heal an illness, to bring a wayward child home, to set right unwanted situation and we don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, it can overwhelm us and cause unbelief to surface. Like most people, many prayers leave us wondering if we will ever hear an answer in this life.

When God is silent, we are often tempted to doubt His goodness. We are tempted to doubt His promises can really be true. We doubt He will answer our prayers. Scripture brims with stories of God answering prayers that lead his people to marvel at the magnitude of his might and care.

We minimize God to this figure in another dimension that can just give us what we want when we want it.  We are lazy,  we pretend to be busy, we lack a clear plan of how to pray  and have got disbelief in everything.  The elders tell that while praying we should feel that we got the thing done by God.  We should not lose heart and leave in between. We should continue our prayers unless and until we get it.

We may think that God has got no other work than to answer our prayers. Prayer is not a casual one-sided conversation. It is not “back-up insurance” guaranteeing a life free from pain and struggles. Prayer is actively acknowledging God as the source of all power and trusting that His answers, whether expected or unexpected, will accomplish greater things.

When we pray non-stoppingly, definitely God will give a right answer at the right time.

507. Thulasi..Thulasi…

Thulasi or Basil is a herb which cures many diseases and is also found  commonly  in many places of the world.  In India, thulasi is considered holy and being worshipped in many houses. It is believed that if we keep and worship thulasi, ill-spirits won’t enter the house.  Ours sins will vanish if we worship thulasi and do good deeds.

The thulasi theertham given in Perumal temples is considered holy and it cures many diseases. Of all the herbs used in the medicinal form of Ayurveda, thulasi finds an important place. There is  evidence that thulsi can address physical, chemical, metabolic and psychological stress through a unique combination of pharmacological actions. Thulsi has been found to protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals, and physical stress from prolonged physical exertion, ischemia, physical restraint and exposure to cold and excessive noise. Thulsi has also been shown to counter metabolic stress through normalization of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels, and psychological stress through positive effects on memory and cognitive function and through its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.

The Hindu name for holy basil, Thulsi, means “the incomparable one.” Medicine is made from the leaves, stems, and seeds. It  has traditionally been used to support immunity, stress response, and to support the body’s natural detoxification process.  Bhagavatha Purana calls thulasi as “The queen of herbs”.   Thulsi is viewed as a living gateway between heaven and earth, and regarded as the manifestation of the divine within the plant kingdom.

After knowing everything, we should worship and use thulasi as a medicine in our day-to-day life to achieve its benefits.


506. You will never find a Rainbow if you are looking down

We may have an idea that we are thinking in the right way.  Charlie Chaplin has quoted that you will never find a rainbow if you are looking down.  Let us see what it means.

He is asking the little girl to look up the sky, while swinging, to see the rainbow and advising her as to not to look down, as there is no rainbow found.  Life may be fearful for anybody. Sometimes rain may come and sometimes sunshine may come. Happiness and sorrow are very common in real life.  That is really a beautiful thing in life for everyone.

We have to look pessimistically  our life. There are so many people living in poor condition than us. God might have given many good opportunities for us to come up. We should not feel bad for anything or for anybody. We have to keep our attitude looking up with our eyes open to see. Then only rainbows will be found.

Sometimes bad luck may chase us wherever we go. We should not get dejected. We have to withstand the storm and they only we can see rainbow in our life. Just like passing clouds, troubles may occur then and there. We have to cross the situation firmly. If we got struck up, there won’t be any progress. Our willpower only helps us to cross the ocean of life.

We should not degrade ourselves for any reason. The people around us may say anything they think. We should know correctly about ourselves. Small drawbacks and mistakes may pull us down. We should not give up our efforts. We should anticipate any worst situation. We should keep alternate plans in mind for success. Then only rainbow will flash in our life.

505. How to be positive in negative situation

Nobody can live happily forever. Tough situations come in everybody’s life. We should always be ready to face any failure or defame.  We should make up our mind to face any negative situation.

If we are surrounded by troubles and discomfort from all sides, we should train our mind to be calm first. We should practice yoga, get good sleep and take rest.  We should have a positive group of people around us to create positive energy. We should not forget to encourage them, when they face tough situations. We should remember and thank the people with us in such situations. Your brain may try to pull you to react harshly but we should retrain our brain not to do so. We can start anything and everything once again from scratch.

Physical and mental exercises keep us fresh and help us to overcome our sorrows.  We should positively accept the defeat and analyse the cause. We have to think about the solution for coming out from the negative situation.  We have to focus on solutions and not on problems. We should try to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. We should not take anything personally and avoid taking any wrong conclusion.

If our mental attitude is positive, we can take positive actions to find a solution.  We should not try to escape from the situation to escape from the problem. Adverse conditions make up a large part of our life as it teaches us how to deal with specific circumstances.  If we had no negative emotions, then  our life will be more colourful. We can make a negative situation into a positive situation.

We should not blame anything or anybody for anything. We should take the responsibility to solve the problem.  If any negative thoughts come in mind at that time, we should be gentle in driving them out from the mind. Others cannot make ourselves to feel negative. If we allow, then only it can happen. So, we have to keep our mind strong.

The optimistic attitude will definitely bring success. Nobody and nothing can stop it. We have to talk to ourselves and encourage ourselves to react positively. We should not think about adversity and failure while putting our efforts to restore. We should be firm and should not listen to any negative thoughts, until we succeed. Go ahead.

504. How to become a good quizzer

Some people may have an inborn desire to become a good quizzer. Some special qualities are required to achieve this goal. Listening and observing everything we see in life is very very important for them. They should know about each and everything in the world.

They should never give up and keep on trying to store all the news in the brain. They should listen to music, not only their favourites but also everything. They should watch television programmes of different cultures and different languages. Daily they should read the newspaper from top to bottom and practice to keep everything in mind  is essential. They should go to the library and read all the types of books.

Watching people is also important for quizzers.  The quizzers should be passionate to others. The quizzers should not feel shy to ask doubts to others. There are many people to help them. The internet is really a boon to quizzers. They should play daily online quiz to equip them for quiz battles.

A good quizmaster will use the media as a benchmark for what contestants are likely to know and what is likely to flummox them. So to become a good quizzer, one has to attend quiz competition and all the time ready to face any quiz tournament. Many schools encourage quizzers and give them full support.

Reading the news with interest and remembering them linking with some objects always help the quizzers. I wish the real quizzers to come up in life and succeed always.

503. Last bench student can also win

In schools, usually, the students who study well will sit in the first bench and average students will sit in the last bench. Everybody will think that those who sit in the first bench will succeed in their life, afterwards. Sometimes, this prediction fails. The last bench student can also win.

In most of the classes we have been seeing that the last benchers is a term which is definitely used for the students who are lazy pathetic in their study life and way to notorious and maybe sometimes the disturbing elements of the class. It may not be true in many cases.  Dr. Abdul Kalam told that the best brains of the nation may be fond on the last benches of the classroom.

We won’t give much importance to those who are back benchers but they have the best academic scores than the front benches so it’s just about the mentality that they have basically it is a stereotype that Back benchers are fools. But, teachers do think that they are the most laziest and non studying students of the class. The backbenchers could not solve easy problems but they could solve many tough problems those are not solved by others.

Every  Classroom hold innumerable memories for us. We saw all kinds of people , but the most interesting ones of the lot were the back benchers and most silence people’s are first benchers . Everyone would wonder what these last bench students did, and why the teachers were always suspicious of them.   When there is any confusion in the classroom, the blame for that confusion will be put on the last benchers only.

Some backbenchers may listen to music or eat something or disturb the teacher and other students. But, those people may concentrate on their work in future and do well.  We should not underestimate last bench students. We have to wait and watch what they do when they grow up.


502. Befriend yourself

You deserve your love and affection than anybody else in this world. You can be your best friend because you know better about yourself than others.  You can be honest, direct, interested, inquisitive, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding and  having deeply feeling about yourself.  People can utilize their personal power and actively contribute to their own growth and development, in essence becoming their own ally.

It is a paradox that if we cannot open our hearts to ourselves then we have no foundation for dealing with other people lovingly and compassionately.  We can make lot of money but we cannot enjoy without befriending ourselves. By this, you can do self-help, therapy, spiritual seeking, meditation, trying to silence your mind and to lose your ego.   You are not alone. Your innerself is a good friend who travel with you throughout your life, sharing your depression, mental stress and uncomfortable feelings.

You know your past, your background, your personality and your achievements.  You can be a good critic of yourself. It helps to improve the quality of life, to gain self-confidence and to have better connection with others.  Our negative thoughts are our enemies. It is essential to discover what you are telling yourself about yourself and about others. It is necessary to look for the negative ways of thinking that predominate in areas of your life that you feel limited or demoralized. Some of these voices may be assessed directly, whereas others are more hidden.

You have to do self-analysation very often. Don’t let others to judge you and do your judgement impartially.  You appreciate yourself for your good and positive views and deeds. You focus on your areas of improvement. You have to take firm steps for self-improvement. you set some goals and check periodically whether you achieve them. Don’t bother about the comments of the society, rather the people around you. They may try to advice you to do something else. Be firm to do the things which you think as good for you. You need not bother about your failures as you have taken some efforts on your own to do something.  Be courageous and face the challenges of the world. You need not follow anybody’s footsteps and you have got every liberty to walk in your own path. Go ahead by being yourself and being a good friend to you.

501. Create your own karma

Love yourself. It is not a sign of selfishness. We should be a good person by our deeds. For creating our own karma, we have to speak the truth always. Our life should have a purpose, rather a good purpose. We should not be satisfied by our growth alone. We should be ready to help others both physically and financially. We should involve in spiritual activities by visiting temples and doing puja at home.  We should always be kind and compassionate to the people whoever we meet in our lifetime.

What we to others will come back to us definitely. So, we should only do the good things. All of the wars,  fightings, bickering, complaining, and general unhappiness begins with a thought carried out with negative action. To counter all this negative energy, we can collectively create better karma so that good things and people start to appear in our lives, which raises the vibrational energy. Creating good karma is as simple as trying your best to be a good person.

While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, we have to remember to look beyond the illusions and remind ourselves what we are really here for. We all came here to heal the past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so we have to keep this in mind each day when we wake up.

We have to analyse our life as a third person.  We should forgive our mistakes and others’ mistakes. Our soul uses its past life learnings to choose and create the life we are currently living. It knows what we can handle, and what we can’t withstand. It knows our past, present, and future. It knows everything. We have to choose to have a certain kind of life, and that allows us to gradually move toward our soul’s higher purpose.

We should always be ready to offer compliments to others. We should always be ready to ready to start any work immediately without waiting for others’ comments. We should thank the person lending even a small help. We should be ready to sacrifice our valuables for good cause. Our talent should be useful to others and we should always be ready to teach others. A good listener is a good doer. So, we should give due respect to others’ views.

We should create our karma in a good way.

500. Life nowadays

Previously, everybody cared about others but nowadays all are self-centered.  So, life has become more stressful than in the past.  In olden days, people considered togetherness as a main pillar of communication that  could be typically maintained as one of the solutions to reduce the sufferer of life. However, nowadays, people frequently have some action out of their home. As a result, the action might increase stress.

“We live only once. So, we have to lead the life happily”. Many people on this earth lead their life based on this statement. People now do not know each other even if these people are their neighbors. Moreover, people in the present have many diseases; these illnesses have not existed in the past. The air that surrounds us have several elements which have chemical substances. Life in the past was a better time to live in because people were closer, had a good health and a clean environment. Women are more independent now because they work. Furthermore, In the past, people married earlier and had more children. But today, there is less communication within the family due to computers and the internet. In a lot of ways life is easier right now than in any other time in history. We have computers, cell phones and devices and gadgets that do some of our work for us. People in general are simple lazier, especially kids. 

It is amazing how much the world has changed over the last century. New scientific discoveries and technological advancement have made our life much easier than it used to be in the past. However, the changes have taken place not only in the technology or science but also within a society. Now everybody has got equality and freedom. The life of women has changed a lot and they have entered into all the fields.

We should take a positive path to see the things in the right way, whatever situation comes. Enjoy the life today.


499. Vishwesha Theertharu

The lineage of one of the eight Sanyasis who take care of the worship of Lord Krishna at Udupi is what is now known as the Pejavara MathaSri Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji ascended the seat as the 32nd head of the Pejavara Matha.

Sri Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji was born on the 27th of April, 1931 as the second child of Sri Narayanacharya and Srimati Kamalamma, a devout couple from Ramakunja. The parents named the child as Venkataramana. Hugely impressed by the Satvik nature of the young Venkataramana, the then head of the Pejavara Matha, Sri Sri Vishva Manya Theertha Swamiji initiated him as a Sanyasi when he was in his 8th year of age. He was named Vishwesha Theertha Swami.

He was an exceptional scholar in Nyaya, Vedanta and other branches of philosophy. He outdid many popular scholars. He also had strong poetic abilities.  He disliked untouchability and put his efforts to eradicate it.   He extended the domain of mutts from Pada-pooja, Bhiksha, Madi and other rituals to various other social activities. Some such activities involve free medication to the poor and needy, the establishment of school, pre-university, undergraduate colleges and an Ayurveda college. He worked for the prevention of cow slaughter. He went for a day-long hunger strike for the campaign to save cattle.

When it comes to the area of spiritual achievements, pilgrimages have always enjoyed an important position.  Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji resolved to undertake work to provide facilities to pilgrims. This pious work started in the Holy Kshetra of Badrinath. The “Anantha Matha” built at Badri at a cost of over 50 lakhs is today serving as a base camp for all devotees from South India. The “Udupi Matha” built at Tirupathi costing more than a crore of rupees is providing shelter to those who visit Tirumala to seek the refuge of Thimmappa. Built in 1996 at a cost of over 40 lakhs, the “Madhvashrama” in Haridhwar has become a guiding post for devotees.

Sri Swamiji the reformer has become the golden bridge between the legacy of the past and the promise of the future. Sri Swamiji is not just an individual; he is a system by himself.  This karmayogi did his services to the society till he left this world at the age of 88. Let us pray for his soul and try to follow his footsteps.